6 Hours In Atlanta

This 4th of July weekend I crossed off two more states, making the number of states I have visited 28. Half way there! I flew into Atlanta Friday afternoon and met my boyfriend there around 3pm. His parents were going to drive into Atlanta from Alabama in the evening and pick us up from downtown. Rhut and I decided to make the best of our short time there and quickly started sightseeing.

Our first stop was The World of Coca Cola. Luckily there were no long lines to enter, which is very common here. It was an interesting place you could definitely see how strong their branding is for Coca Cola. The best part of the museum is the tasting center. They have 60+ sodas from around the world. Europe has the most “interesting” flavors to offer. We laughed while watching people try Italy’s soda called Beverly. It has a distinct bitter aftertaste that lingers on your tongue for a few minutes. I had to wash it down with loads of Mr. Pibb (my favorite!). The museum offers two movie experiences that are included with admission. Both movies are weird and make little to no sense, but they appeal to little kids with funny looking characters and songs. At the end, we got a free bottle of soda and a sugar-high from trying all the colas. I would say it’s worth a visit if your first time in Atlanta.

Afterwards we hit up Centennial Park, which is across the street from the Coca Cola museum. This is site for the opening of the 1996 summer Olympics in Atlanta. The park has two HUGE fountains and a few statues. Rhut and I sat there at watched kids and teens running through the fountains while scarfing down some Googie fries and veggie burger. The veggie burger was THE best veggie burger I have EVER had in my life. I still think about it from time to time.

We also went to the CNN center and ate some ice cream in the food court, not much to do there other than watch CNN on a jumbo screen. This also could have been because we went there after hours. I was hoping to sneak a peek at Anderson Cooper, but it was a no go. 😦

Once Rhut’s parents picked us up we went to eat at Madras Woodlands located in Decatur. The food was okay, and the service sucked. It took us an hour to get our food! I’ve been to another Woodlands restaurant in Florida and the service was amazing and the food was even better. This place disappointed us unfortunately. Instead I would recommend going across the street to Saravana Bhavan, a place Rhut’s family goes to often when in the area.



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