Boston, MA

Last weekend my boyfriend and I were supposed to make our very first trip to Colorado, but Colorado decided it didn’t want us to visit. A huge snow storms hit Denver and there was no way we would be able to go visit all the places we wanted to see because of the insane snow. As we kissed our thought of visiting the Rockies goodbye, I was hit with an awesome idea! My boyfriend hates Boston- he visited last year and came back with a negative perception of the city. As for me, I love Boston- I am a HUGE history buff so it was wonderful for me. My awesome idea was maybe if my boyfriend goes to Boston with me- He’d fall in love with it as much as I have.

As we set off for our drive to Boston we decided that we would try to walk the Freedom Trail. The next day we started bright and early at 10am. (I know…10 am is late for some but it is pretty bright and early enough for me) We started at the State Capital Building and winded up at the base of Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge. We were too cold to actually cross the bridge. It took us the whole day, but only because we stopped at each cemetery, historic building, and stop on the trail. The trail takes you to Faneuil Hall where you can pick up some lunch on the way. On a warm summer/spring day this would be a pretty awesome trail to do all the way into Charlestown. Go here some more info on the Freedom Trail-

House of Seven Gable

The next day we went Salem and spent the day walking around and visited the House of the Seven Gables. The home was owned by John Turner and his family until they lost their money during the American Revolution, which was then bought by the Ingersoll family. Sarah Ingersoll was a cousin of the famous writer Nathaniel Hawthorne who was a frequent guest of hers. The famous writer of The Scarlet Letter and House of the Seven Gables drew inspiration from Salem in many of his books. While we toured through the house, I couldn’t help but feel creeped out by the gothic looking home. We went up to the attic through this small hidden staircase- probably one the creepiest place I have ever been. The birthplace of Nathaniel Hawthorne, is located a few steps away from the house of Seven Gables and can be visited as well.

Overall I was able to get my boyfriend to like Boston a little more and succeeded in learning more about the city. In the end I realized that Boston reminded me of my beloved Philadelphia. The cities, being linked through history, were very similar in that they both contain passionate and zealous residents. Philly and Boston folk love a good riot and we stand for what we believe in, and let others know our thoughts as well.


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