Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park


Over MDW I camped at Kings Canyon National Park and visited Sequoia. Here are a bunch of pictures and some facts about the area.

1. Kings Canyon is actually deeper than the Grand Canyon making it the deepest Canyon in America. At its deepest point it is more than 8,000 feet from the cliff to the river.

2. The largest tree in the world by volume is the General Sherman Tree, located in SNP. It is 2,100 years old and weighs approximately 2.7 million pounds.

3. Redwood Trees are the tallest trees, while the Sequoias are the largest trees.

5. Sequoia’s can have bark up to 2 feet thick.

6. Sequoia’s decompose very slowly to the point where sawdust can still be seen at sites where they were cut down in 1891.

7. Sequoia’s secrete a liquid that is rich in tannin and was used as ink by John Muir. The tannin allows his writings to still exist without any fading.

8. Forest fires actually aid the Sequoias in repopulating the area. The heat from the fire opens up the cones and allows seeds to disperse. Also the burnt trees are removed and allow sunlight to reach the ground where the seeds are.

9. The High Sierra Trail head is located here.

10. The General Grant tree is located in a grove of 2,000-3,000 year old Sequoias.



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