Visiting San Fracisco

Nutelle Filled Donut- Oh my!

I ate my way through the city of SF this week. I ventured to the Ferry Plaza farmer’s market and ate a Nutella filled donut that could rival my beloved Amish donuts from Reading terminal. Then stumbled upon Miette patisserie that is situated inside Ferry Plaza. FYI Ferry Plaza is equal to a much smaller and less hectic version of Philly’s Reading Terminal. I got a vanilla bean panna cotta with strawberries for the boyfriend (must keep the other half fat and happy) and pistachio and hazelnut macaroons for myself. The macaroons were great, sometimes bakeries overfill the macaroons with crème but in their case it was a perfect proportion of cookie to cream. The bf enjoyed the panna cotta so much so that I got him another one a few days later and a chocolate pot de crème as well.

Pot de Creme form Miette

Cherries from the Fisherman’s wharf fruit stand were eaten along with Boudin’s Bakery sourdough bread. My love for SF bread will never end. I could eat a loaf a day if ever given the chance.

I never realized how much California is into the organic and local food movement until I noticed that almost every restaurant menu stated that they used organic and local products. I was eating fruits and fresh veggies almost every day. I guess it offsets my enormous intake of sweets from all the bakeries. 🙂

Overall here are a few suggestions if you ever go to SF:

1. Check out the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market every Tuesday 10-2pm, Thursday 10-2pm and all day Saturday.  Enjoy some fresh ground coffee and local produce.

2. Definitely visit Little Italy and try some tiramisu at Caffe Greco

3. Hit up Bittersweet Cafe and try their chocolate chai.

4. Get a real cup of joe from Ritual Coffee Roasters.

5. Hit up the California Academy of Science and eat in their cafeteria which serves organic and locally grown items.

6. Visit the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory and try some cookies hot out the oven.

7. Stop by the Warming Hut on Crissy Field on your way to the Golden Gate bridge and try their vegetarian chili.

8. Shop around Union Square and enjoy some afternoon tea at The Rotunda

9. Grab some fresh kettlecorn at the farmer’s market near the SF Public library

10. Read a good book and enjoy a fat veggie deluxe sandwich at The Mint Cafe on the lower level of the SF public library.



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