JewelMint Mystery Box


Last month Popsugar gave away a free $30.00 credit to StyleMint/JewelMint/ShoeMint.  The “Mint” websites were created by twin fashionistas, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I used my credit on Black Friday to get a JewelMint Mystery Box that promised 4- 10 pieces of jewelry in each box! I received 5 bracelets and one set of earrings. I wish a necklace was thrown in there,but overall I’m pretty happy with what I received. Here is what I got:

A cute feather-textured cull bronze cuff- that can be bent to fit my tiny wrist.

IMG_5002 IMG_5000


A thick pastel  multicolored bracelet- this one reminded my of bobby pins strung together. I’m not to hot about this one, but I’ll figure out a way to “upgrade” it so it fits my style!




Three multicolored friendship bracelets- only for tiny wrists! They were a bit snug on me.





Pair of gold earrings with rhinestones.



The quality of the jewelry is pretty great, it doesn’t feel cheap or easily breakable.


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