2012: A Year in Review

This year has been a year of dramatic changes and life events. Honestly, it’s been the best year of my life. I wanted to just reflect back on the wonderful year of 2012 and list a few highlights.

1. I went to Cleveland, OH to visit my cousin! It was the 1st time in years that my entire family went on a vacation. We had so much fun, and there is no place I’d rather be than with family…even if it was in Cleveland, OH. 🙂

2.Visited Boston,MA on a mission to get my fiance to fall in love with the city…which was a no go. It was FREEZING cold and we tried to walk to Freedom Trail. FAIL big time!

3. Drove from Santa Monica, CA to Monterey along the Pacific Coast Highway 1. This was one of MANY road-trips this year, but it was the most beautiful road trip I have EVER been on. I would fight to stay awake just so I wouldn’t miss any scenery. Who knew California was so stunningly scenic?

4. Went on a massive food crawl for my 25th birthday in NYC. My best friends and I hit up 9 different eateries and stuffed ourselves city.  It was an amazing way to enjoy what NYC has to offer. Next year it’ll be Birthday Food Crawl: SF Edition.

5. I interviewed and received 3 job offers in SF, LA and DC. I obviously chose SF, but this whole process was a huge boost for my self confidence career-wise. I remember last year at that time, I was getting rejection after rejection and it was difficult. It was nice to know that I have skills that are needed and worth something.

 nail art

6. I got into this whole nail art thing. It’s been a nice hobby for me and a channel for me to be creative. After going to school for 6 years for hard science and getting the creativity wiped out of me, this was a nice welcome.

7. My entire family drove down to Huntsville, AL to visit my fiance’s family. We weren’t engaged yet and this was the first time we were going down to meet his parents. I was slightly nervous, but we all got along great. I am so happy to be marrying into a family that I know truly cares about me and gets along with my family.

8. I went on a cross country road-trip with my fiance, driving from New Jersey to San Francisco. We visited 8 National Parks and 13 states!. We did the trip in 8 days, which was more than enough and only spent a whopping $800 on the entire trip! Food, gas, camping, and motels included. Just one more I thing checked off my bucket list!

9.I went to Europe for the very first time. We went and saw the Men’s Soccer Finals at the Olympics. I learned that one should never rent a car in Ireland, unless they are filthy rich. It cost us about $140 to fill the tank of a small sedan! I fell in love with Istanbul and Edinburgh, two opposites but both very much full of culture.

10. I got engaged! After a bunch of failed proposal attempts he finally made it down on one knee a weekend in September. I cried, I laughed, and I got snotty and totally made him forget his speech. It was everything I hoped and wished for and I am so glad to be getting married in 2013. Check out the website he made for me as a part of the proposal! www.hetalandrhut.com

11. We bought a home in San Francisco. I officially went from being a Jersey girl to a California girl! We bought a home and are finally settled down after 2 years of long distance love.  Also moving away from my family and friends makes me appreciate them even more. Although I am home sick, they are only a video chat away.

Thinking back on the past year, all I can say is; Life is Good. I drove thousands of miles, explored different countries, moved to a new state, got engaged, bought a home , got a new job, and started a new blog!  I am looking forward to see what 2013 had in store for me.  I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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