Love with Food- January 2013

I received my January Love with Food box yesterday and wanted to share what I got! Last month’s box was wonderful, especially the Hill’s Mint Chocolate Cappuccino mix. It was divine! This month Love with Food screwed up their little info cards and credited everyone’s accounts with 500 points. This speaks volumes for their customer service as most companies would never credit you or even admit to a mistake.


Turbana Plantain Chips- $0.50


Turbana Plantain Chips These plantain chips are made in Columbia and are a healthy alternative to potato chips.


Chuao Chocolates Chocopod- $6.00, New Tree mini Chocolates- $0.75, Biscotti di Suzy – $1.75


Firecrack Chocopod from Chuao Chocolatier: This bar of chocolate is made with Venezuelan chocolate, pop rocks, and chipotle. Not a combination I would ever think of, but I am interested in seeing how it works.

Cinnamon Milk Chocolate and Belgian Biscuit Dark Chocolate from New Tree : Chocolate made in Belgian where the raw ingredients are from Peru and Domincan Republic. I was kind of sad to see how tiny the samples were. Chocolate should always be given in large quantities.  I will savor every tiny bite.

Almond Anise Biscotti from Biscotti di Suzy:  I love biscotti on it’s own and am very excited to try a local (Oakland,CA) product.


Kyotofu Shortbread Tea Cookies- $4.75

Gluten-Free Shortbread Tea Cookies by Kyotofu These are gluten free cookies made by a Japanese bakery based in NYC. I received Genmai Toasted Brown Rice cookie, Matcha Green Tea cookie and a Black Sesame Cookie.


GogoSqueeze- $3.42

Apply Strawberry Applesauce by GogoSqueeze: This product is from France, and kind of on the pricey side. For a pack of 12 it costs $41.00! That is nuts for applesauce. Can’t wait to see if it’s worth it.

David Rio Chai Mix: $1.25

Tiger Spice Chai from David Rio: Being Indian, I am a Chai purist. I am excited to see if this local product can hold up to my mom’s chai.


Total Value: $18.42


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