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So for the last 4 months I was on a work project that required me to travel to San Diego 2 weeks out of the month. During my visits I came across some mind blowing food and some stellar hotel stays. Prior to my project I had only been to San Diego once and didn’t see much because it was a weekend getaway trip with my fiance.

HOTELS We stayed at the Hyatt Mission Bay which has a nice tropical island feel to it. The price is up there but there is free internet and the rooms are pretty large. I stayed here during a few work trips as well. There are 2 different fire pits, cabanas around the pools and a hot tub. The gym overlook the bay and is beautiful at sunset. Originally, our company stayed at the Andaz in downtown San Diego, which was by far the best hotel when it came to atmosphere, amenities and location. Every morning they would stock our rooms with free Toblerone bars, granola bars, chips, and various beverages.  All of those perks also came with a price tag.  I also stayed at the Westin, which was my least favorite hotel. My thermostat didn’t work on 3 different visits and the price of the internet is ridiculous. A lot of conferences occur here and it’s in an ideal downtown location. Also the workers are absolutely the most polite and nicest people in the world.

FOOD If you go to San Diego, you must eat at these restaurants. I honestly would go back to San Diego just to eat- it’s THAT good.


Oscars Mexican Seafood –  Now you are probably thinking- “Hetal, aren’t you a vegetarian?”. Why yes, I am. Sam, the generous owner of this establishment, was kind enough to create a veggie burrito for me. I died. The re-fried beans and the sauces—oh the sauces—are amazing. He has three main sauces; an avocado sauce, chili sauce, and a creamy salsa. My co-worker introduced me to this place and ever since then we have continuously gone back every week.  Sam has all the fish brought in fresh every morning, and from what I am told , you can tell from the great quality of the food.

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2. Craft + Commerce – Cute bar/restaurant with a great cocktail menu. I had their veggie burger which was HUGE and delicious. They make their veggie burgers in house with quinoa, beans and vegetables. The atmosphere of this place is super quirky and kitschy. They have an upside down lion rug, zebra bust on a wall, and a stuffed squirrel riding a stuffed raccoon with a cowboy hat on that decorates this place.  I mostly just want to eat and find every little kitschy thing in the place.

3. Urban Solace – The first thing you notice when you walk in is a large painting of Ron Burgundy on their wall and bears…bears everywhere. This restaurant had one of the best vegetarian meals I have ever had. The farro sauté with roasted carrot broth, caramelized pearl onion, and grated Parmesan was so damn good that even the meat eaters wanted a taste. It tasted like a creamy,healthy version of mac and cheese. If I could get the recipe, I would eat this everyday of my life-hands down.

4. Karl Strauss Brewery – The Westin is two steps away from Karl Strauss, which meant that I made visits here quite often.   The best item at this place is the sweet potato french fries- they are delicious. I ordered a basket the first time I went and my co workers and I went to town. They have a chili lime seasoning and come with a side of ranch that tends to get messy. Order two baskets because they are THAT good.

5. The Blind Burro – I went here with my coworkers as well for a team dinner. The Blind Burro is a restaurant/bar that serves Mexican food. I had the salsa flight–yes a salsa…flight…similar to a wine flight. It came with three different salsa with varying levels of spiciness  The salsa was addicting and I quickly ran through 3 bowls of chips….I love me some carbs…I also had their Corn Off the Cob- kernels of corn mixed with Cotija cheese and cilantro with lime and cayenne pepper. It was a great mixture of sweet, spicy and tangy.  This is a great place for a date night or girls night out.

Oscars Oscar's Mexican Seafood on Urbanspoon
Craft+ Commerce Craft and Commerce on Urbanspoon
Urban Solace Urban Solace on Urbanspoon
Karl Strauss Karl Strauss Brewery & Grill on Urbanspoon
The Blind Burro The Blind Burro on Urbanspoon


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