Fun Stuff To Do in SF – 5/7/13

For the past few months I’ve been sending emails biweekly to my coworkers with fun stuff to do in the city of San Francisco. It’s usually a mix of new restaurant openings, events/festivals, apps related to the city, and interesting classes available a la Eventbrite.  I’ve gotten some great responses so I figured I’d post them up here and spread the joy. Enjoy!


  1. -Huge food/music festival Chipotle throws every year. Get some ice cream from NYC’s famous Big Gay Ice Cream truck….trust me, it’s worth it.
  2. – New bar, Novela,  in SOMA with a literary theme. All the cocktails are named after book characters. Seems like a  great place to go after a book club meeting.
  3. – Ladies Social and Trunk Show with Smitten ice cream with forageSF


Leave a comment if you know of any other fun events going on in the Bay Area!

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