Travel Wear

Travel Wear
By Malene Birger pullover sweater, $220 / Current/Elliott blue jeans / TOMS shoes / MICHAEL Michael Kors travel tote / Erica Weiner pendant necklace

In a few months, I will be travelling to Norway,Sweden and Denmark. Now last time I went to Europe I felt like a huge fashion failure because I only brought bum clothes with me. Everyone looked so chic and put together. Even the people on the flight looked good! I won’t be making that mistake again. Now, I don’t plan on buying a $220 grey sweater, but I think I can find something similar and much cheaper. I just wanted to feel comfortable, but look chic. I built this outfit around the shoes. I am in LOVE with these TOMS wedges in herringbone. They are so cute and comfortable.  However, my husband and I have sworn off clothes shopping for the next 6 months. Our Mint (which by the way, if you don’t have one, you should get) was showing that we really shop til we drop way too often so we decided to give it a break. We plan on rewarding ourselves with a shopping spree in March if we can make it through the next few months. These shoes will definitely be my first purchase.


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