Monday Links

Okay…so technically it’s not Monday. But, I have a good excuse! Yesterday I was celebrating Diwali with a few friends! If you don’t know what Diwali is, Michael Scott can tell you here:

Ok so here are your links!

1.  – Hella Tights is a monthly tights subscription program. Now if you’re like me, or Zooey Deschanel, you love a good pair of black tights. I will actually mourn a good pair of tights when they start to rip or fall apart. The price range is $20 – $30 a month depending on what type of tights you want (solid or fancy). I received a free subscription promo code at the Sidecar Her Busy Life event and decided to give it a shot. I haven’t gotten my tights yet, but I will do an update once I do!

2.   Canva is an online design platform that is in beta right now. Basically you can make graphics for invitations, blogs, infographics, photo collages and MUCH more. I’ve started using it for invites and I love it! They provide layouts or the ability to create your own layout while choosing from a large variety of banners, frames and pictures. I wish they allowed me to store my graphics in a Pinterest-like format so that I could just link the graphic URL into my blog, rather than downloading it and having to upload the graphic to my blog which takes up file space (which I’m hitting a max of now on WordPress). Other than that I think it’s a clean, sleek and intuitive site to use to create beautiful graphics.

3. #AEBeautyMashUp – This is a free event hosted by Atelier Emmanuel Salon and Day Spa on Dec 5th in San Francisco. It will feature multiple beauty related “bars” as well as the fun kind. You can talk to and consult with beauty professionals to get advice on how to change up your look. I am most excited about the nail bar and the color bar where you can get your hair chalked. I have been wanting to try that out for SO long. I am making this is a girl’s event and plan on going with a bunch of my co-workers. I am so pumped for this event, it just sounds like so much fun!

4. I LOVE history, especially history you can’t find in books. The DNA lounge along with Atlas Obscura is hosting a talk on SF and it’s criminal past on Nov 9th for $12.  Hear the stories behind notorious mobsters and Alcatraz residents.  This sounds like a great date night idea!


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