Monday Links + Beauty Blender Giveaway!

YAY….It’s MONDAY!!…says no one..Today was a skip the mug, I’m going to drink the coffee straight out of the french press- kinda day. Check out my links of the week and add a little spice in your life 🙂

1.  West Coast Craft Fair Nov 16th to 17th- FREE- This is a sweet west coast craft fair where you can check out all types of crafts/art. The Bold Italic  did a quick write up about the event and a few items/artists you might find there. I am a sucker for crafts fair- mostly because I like unique quirky items that have personality that no one else has.

2.  Sprig is a new app in San Francisco that allows people to order dinner by phone.  All meals are created with locally- sourced ingredients and are healthy. Each meal is $12 with a $3 delivery fee (tip and tax included). Meals are delivered between 6 and 9:30 pm. Currently they are only available in SOMA, Mission Bay, Potrero, Dogpatch, Mission Castro and Noe.  This is a great idea for people who come home and are too exhausted to cook a healthy meal. It’s a bit pricey, but I wouldn’t mind ordering maybe a few times a month. Also, for those you want to be sweet, or in my case (keep my husband well fed when I am travelling for work) you could send meals to your home for your significant other.  I wish they had a better ingredient listing- mostly because tonight’s Jap Chae looks amazing, but I am allergic to mushrooms and I don’t want to take the chance since Asian cuisine can sometimes contain mushrooms.  Also it doesn’t look like you can make any changes to an order, like removing or adding ingredients in (i.e no mushrooms, more cheese, etc). I can understand why they do that, since it can be difficult to keep track of individualized orders. However, a list of ingredients would prevent any mishaps. I plan on trying Sprig out later this week!  I’ll do an update then :-)!

3. Step your GIF game up with ConnecTV – GIFs that are created from TV shows WITH SOUND! I love me a good GIF, but the sound takes this to the next level.  You can download the app and create GIFs from TV shows the moment it airs and share it on Facebook or Twitter.  Funny moment on New Girl?- GIF it and put it up and Facebook.  I wish I could search GIFs based on TV shows- like right now I am feeling this Modern Family GIF someone put up in the app, but I had a hard time finding it on the website.  Also I wish I could have the option to mute the sound- just in case the sound isn’t essential to the GIF’s point. I’ll definitely be GIF’ing the hell out ot Real Housewives of Atlanta next week.

(now wouldn’t that be better with sound?)

4.  Beauty blenders have been the IT beauty tool for the past year. The beauty blender is a makeup sponge tool that seamlessly blends your makeup together. It can be used with eyeshadow, concealer, blush, and much more. It leaves your skin with a dewy look without any harsh texture or lines.  Your skin won’t look like it’s caked with makeup and everything  blends together MUCH quicker than with a brush. You can easily cut of 10 minutes of your prep time.  I splurged and got one to use for my wedding. I only had a makeup artist for the wedding day, the other 5 days was all me and my aunt. It was my favorite beauty tool and I felt like I had flawless skin. I received a beauty blender in my Popsugar Box a few month’s ago and I don’t need two. So,  I am giving away a Beauty Blender and cleaning solution to one lucky winner!  Ends 11/22/13 at Midnight


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