West Coast Craft Fair

I posted last week about the West Coast Craft Fair coming to San Francisco. I wanted to share a few cute crafts/vendors that I saw!

Zig Zag City Guides create fun city guides for kids. The guides are colorful and easy to read. The visuals alone would easily stir up wanderlust in any child. The guides are full of fun facts, kid-friendly places to visit and merge education and travel seamlessly. So far they have 5 city guides, however, they are coming out with a Chicago and London City guide next year. I am keeping these in mind for my family for Christmas- a San Francisco City Guide might be a nice push to get them to come out and visit me so I can see the babies. 🙂

Leslie Francesca is a jewelry designer from the Bay Area who uses precious stones and gems to create these raw yet tamed pieces of jewelry. I have fat fingers, so that new delicate, thin gold ring fad does not work for me. However, these quartz/amethyst rings work great on my finger. I love how the gold frames the crystals- It gives them this luxurious look. I can see myself  pairing this with a simple LBD or t-shirt and jeans  since these rings are definitely statement pieces that can be formal or casual.

Percolating Design creates knitted jewelry that mixes soft and hard with metal and yarn. I really loved the brass cuffs with the crocheted lace on top as well as the knitted tubular necklaces. The pieces would match really well with a chunky sweater or plain grey sweatshirt. The necklaces would add a pop of color to any outfit and they are pretty much weightless!

I tried kimchi for the very first time today. I never had the guts to taste it because I know that most kimchis are not vegetarian since they include some sort of fish product for flavoring. Ellen’s Kimchi makes a vegan kimchi for people just like me. It was delicious- spicy, sour, tangy, something you want to accompany your meal or a bowl of rice. I really loved this stuff and it reminded me of Indian pickled veggies (achar). I also learned that kimchi not only tastes good, it has pro-biotic like qualities to aid your digestive tract. Therefore, its healthy and tastes great!

All of these vendors create great products that I would give as gifts, and with Christmas coming up soon- I will be keeping them in mind 🙂


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