Monday Links

1.   is a service that is focused on making crafting easy and accessible to everyone. They create craft kits that have directions and supplies to create fun items like tile coasters, studded wallets, or monogrammed totes. The prices of each craft kit varies between $10 to $50. They have cute DIY gift kits that I am excited to try out. In addition, they also have a monthly subscription service that sends out a craft kit for $19 a month. I will do an update when I try next month’s box!

2. Only Coin has had a ton of buzz around it lately. Coin basically holds all your credit cards in one card. You can check out the video on the website to get a better idea of how it works.  My husband already pre-ordered one for us to try it out. The downfall to the product is that it needs to be connected to your phone to work. Meaning if your phone dies you are screwed if you don’t have cash or another credit card. However, I’m still interested in trying it out because I wouldn’t mind just carrying three cards; my license, Coin card and backup credit card. It’s still better than carrying my overstuffed wallet everywhere.

3.   My company recently did a team event at Workshop SF in NOPA creating  terrariums and screenprinted shirts.  The ladies of Workshop SF were patient and super helpful. I learned the basics of screenprinting, which initially seemed like a scary process, but they made it seem so easy. I actually started screenprinting at home! You can learn how to make your mustard all the way to styling your own hair. The range of classes they offer is extensive. The prices are between $35 and $60 per class. Classes fill up quickly so I usually check the calendar at the beginning of every month to see if there is anything I’d be interested in. For example, the DIY Mozzerella cheese making class seems like a lot of fun. Now I just need to convice some of my girlfriends to come with me 🙂

4.  is a service that helps locals find events going on in the city.  You join UpOut Insider’s Club for a fee $20 a month and in exchange you get a sweet listing of events going on througout the city. Then you can choose an event and get either 1, 2, or 4 tickets to that event depending on the event and how long you have been a member. The events can be scavenger hunts, food tastings, dance parties, movies and much more. Now if you don’t like any of  the options they give you- then you get 2 movie tickets. My husband signed for UpOut a few months ago and we have done 2 events so far (lazer tag around the city and a food truck festival) and we had a blast. I always look forward to see what cool new stuff they found for us to do and help us get to know SF just a little bit better.



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