Gift Guide: Kitchen Queen

1. King Arthur’s Pizza Dough Flavor  – $10.95
This is a super cute stocking stuffer. You add this seasoning to the pizza dough to give it a cheesy garlic flavor. Maybe you can get invited to a future pizza party!

2. Stoneware Baker Gift Set $50.00
For the casserole maker in your life, Sur La Table has a cute gift set that includes an oven stoneware baker, EVOO, Herbes De Provence, and a kitchen towel.

3. Wusthof Chef’s Knife – $70-$80.00
I got this knife a few years back and I love it! It is my favorite knife (yes, kitchen queen’s have favorite knives). I promise you- your Top Chef- like foodies would love to own a knife like this!

4. Molecular Mixology Kit – $30.00
For the kitchen scientist, this kit mixes science with cocktails. The kits come in Mojito, Margarita, and Cosmopolitan. It’s a unique gift that will be fun to try out.

5. Indian Spice Kit – $35.00
Equip your friend with everything they need to make a delicious curry. This is a great gift for your travel-loving foodie friends.

6. Ipad Chef Sleeve– $19.95
This is another great stocking stuffer. It is a sleeve that helps protect your Ipad while you cook. I always use my Ipad to bring up recipes while I cook and I have gotten pretty close to ruining it with cookie batter. These sleeves are a great way to prevent any unfortunate accidents.

7. Grow Your Own Marinara Kit – $29.00
For the localvore, it doesn’t get any more local than growing your own tomatoes, basil and oregano for marinara sauce. You can grow the plants inside the bags they come in, so no need for planters or any other gardening supplies.

8. David Rio Tiger Spice Chai Packets – $44.64/48packets
I got one of these in a Love with Food box and I loved it! This is what real chai should taste like; spicey, aromatic and comforting. You can give these to mutiple people as a stocking stuffer or one box as a gift.


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