Holiday Craft Party

This week I had a holiday craft party at my place. I invited a few of my lady co-workers over to create 4 DIY gifts for the holiday season. I chose 2 mason jars gifts and 2 houseware gifts. The girls had a lot of fun and it was super relaxing. We ate chocolate, cheese and some cupcakes (recipe to come soon) and let our creative juices flow. Also each gift only cost <$5.00 to make!

1. Peppermint Hot Cocoa – I used the recipe from Compulsive Craftiness, which is basically equal part sugar, dry milk, and cocoa powder (1/2 cup each). I added in Guittard Smooth n Melty Mint Chips with mini chocolate chips (1/4 cup each), crushed candy canes, and I topped it off with marshmallows. I bought 16 ounce jars to make these gifts (yay! for 20% off coupons at BB&B).  I also made my own labels using Canva. The girls were so surprised at how easy it was to put this together and I could tell they were excited to give these away as gifts. Or keep them- like me 🙂 

2. Serving plate with Sharpie designs – Similar idea to the mugs idea I did at my last craft party.  This was my favorite gift to make-it was super easy and cheap! I got the plates from Crate and Barrel for $3.95 and Martha Stewart adhesive holiday stencils from Amazon for $5.00. You basically draw on your design with oil-based Sharpies and bake in the oven at 425 F for 30 minutes. This was probably the most fun project because you don’t need to be afraid to mess anything up since acetone will erase any mistakes.

3.  Glass mugs with Sharpie designs My initial intention was to etch the glass mugs; however, I learned the hard way that some glass doesn’t etch. 😦  I decided to just draw on the glass mugs with the oil-based Sharpies to decorate them instead. I did a freehand ombre herringbone design which I am completely in love with. This is the same concept as the serving plates; however, you bake them for 30 minutes at 350 F.

4. Cranberry Hootycreeks – Now I have made these before as a housewarming gift, but these cookies are so good, I decided to show the ladies how to make this simple gift as well. I used the recipe from Intimate Weddings and bought my supplies from Bed Bath and Beyond and the grocery store. The jar should be 32 ounce jars, which is the perfect size for the recipe. 

Honestly, these were the most sincere yet budget friendly gifts I’ve made. What I learned is that most of the girls want to make DIY projects; however, the task of buying all the supplies stops them. In the name of crafting, I plan on having more of these parties where I can grab all the supplies and bring a little more creativity into people’s lives. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Holiday Craft Party

  1. twirlingbetty says:

    Gorgeous crafts. Especially loving the stencilled plate and sharpie-decorated glasses. I had no idea you could use ordinary sharpies on ceramics. Now I have a rainbow of colour choices rather than just those of the (expensive and limited) ceramic pens I’ve bought in the past. Thanks and hooray!

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