Snow Gear

Snow Gear

With the crazy weather this week and the freezing temperatures, it’s easy to just want to get in your warmest pajamas, curl up and never leave home. Unfortunately, we have to leave the house at some point and look half decent. This is a comfy and stylish outfit that will keep you warm on the coldest of days. The jeans are actual lined with fleece! Nice, soft and at a reasonable price of $68. Uggs are my go to shoe to keep my toes warm. There is nothing worse than having frozen feet and walking around feeling like you’re toes are going to fall off. The leg warmers are from Uniqlo and are made with their HeatTech fabric that traps heat and allows moisture to escape. I have a shirt made with this fabric and it really works! I paired this with a chunky wool sweater and a SupeDry jacket that tends to be thin yet warm. My husband has a SuperDry jacket and it is surprisingly well-insulated considering how thin it is.  What’s you favorite cold weather piece of clothing?


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