Ombre Nails

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One of my favorite “lazy” nail art designs to do is the ombre effect. All you need is a makeup spong, a small brush or Q-tip to help with clean up, and nail polish. My color inspiration was my wedding dress which had an ombre skirt that went from a pretty pinkish purple to bright orange. I actually wanted to do this mani for my wedding; however, I was just too busy to ever get to it. I still wanted to try the design so I sat down this weekend and tried it out. Pick 2-3 colors of nail polish and give it a shot!

Orly Rubber Base Coat
White: Orly French Tip
Gold: Deborah Lippmann- Glamorous Life
Purple: Essie- Play Date
Orange: Essie – Geranium
Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Top Coat

1. Paint your nails with a clear base coat and let it dry for a few minutes.

2. Paint your nails with one coat of white nail polish. This will help the colors pop. Let them dry completely before moving on.

3. Now take a makeup sponge and stripe your nail polish onto it. Put the color you want at your nail bed towards the edge of the sponge. Look above to see how I put the gold polish towards the edge, then purple, and finally orange. Now dab the sponge on your nail lightly.  Don’t press to hard or you’ll end up peeling off the polish. I like to dab one light coat and then go for a second coat on top. Reload the makeup sponge with nail polish as you go along.

4. Add your top coat. Using a small brush or Q-tip and nail polish remover, clean up you nails and you’re all done!

And for my visual learners, check out MissJenFabolous ‘s tutorial.


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