Sentosa and Singapore Botanical Gardens

Over the weekend the hubby and I made it to Sentosa Island. We left early Saturday morning and took the MRT to HarbourFront to catch the cable car over. We grabbed the cable car tour package that included tickets to the S.E.A Aquarium and the Merlion with unlimited cable car rides for $69SGD per person. The cable car ride was really short, but it had a spectacular view of the city and an ocean of islands nearby.

We stayed at the Silo so Beach Resort and took Bus 1 from Imbiah Point (where the cable car drops you off) to Siloso Point and the Beach Tram from there to the hotel. The public transportation system in Sentosa is free by the way! The hotel is an eco-friendly resort ad boasts its status as the first green- hotel in Sentosa. The pool was the highlight- it starts with a 50-foot waterfall and turns into a long pool where you could lazy river for a bit.

We then grabbed the tram/bus to Resort World Sentosa to go see the S.E.A Aquarium- the largest aquarium in the world! It was really crowded because it was a rainy day and it’s one of the few indoor activities on the island. The aquarium is totally worth it! There are two underwater tunnels and some of the largest aquarium tanks I have ever seen in my life. They have a few face-in-the-hole monitors through out the Silk Road exhibit which I forced Rhut to do…it was hilarious.

Then we hopped onto the bus to the Merlion, which was ok. The Merlion is the national symbol of Singapore as Singapore means Lion City. The story goes that the founder of Singapore initially saw a lion on the island when he first came here and he named the island after the lion. Then the Singaporeans merged the lion with a mermaid making it a merlion. The have statues of merlion a all over the island however; you can enter the Merlion statue in Sentosa, similar to the Statue of Liberty. You can look out of its mouth and on top of it’s head. Nothing too exciting. I would pass on this if I were you.


By now the rain was over and we grabbed the cable car back into the Singapore and took it to Mount Faber. We walked around and were met with some beautiful views of the city and its thousands of skyscrapers at Faber Point. Rhut and I decided to head over back to our hotel and laid on the beach at night people watching. The beach at Siloso point is kind of like Miami with night clubs on the actual beach. It’s a party spot for sure. As house music filled the air, Rhut and I watched some girls who were #whitegirlwasted and relaxed on the beach. It was awesome.

View from Mount Faber

On Sunday we went back to Singapore and check out the Botanical Gardens. Singapore is known for their orchids and the garden is a World Heritage site. It was hot as hell so we decided to do this in the quickest way possible and made a bee-line for the National Orchid Garden. Here are some pics from the garden:



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