Mango Ice Cream (No Machine)

mango ice cream no machine

My mom recently got a shipment of mango puree (rus) from her sister’s farm in India. My mom couldn’t wait for me to try it now that I’m in New Jersey visiting home for a bit. Indian mangoes are amazingly fragrant with a floral aftertaste. It’s unlike any other mango I’ve ever had. They aren’t fibrous either, which means no using mangoes as floss. Because of this the pulp is super smooth. Once I tasted the rus, I knew I had to use it in an ice cream recipe. If you don’t have access to an Indian grocery store where you can buy a can of rus then just blend the pulp of two mangoes really well. The ice cream came out super creamy and light. This recipe is SO easy and you don’t need a ice cream machine/churner!

Cook time: 10 minutes, but lots of waiting                                                   Makes: 4-6 servings

1.5 cups mango puree
1 cup heavy cream
1 tbsp granulated sugar
juice of 1/2 lime
crushed pistachios (optional)

mango ice cream no machine

1. In a large bowl, whip up the heavy cream and sugar  with a whisk until you have stiff peaks. Don’t go too crazy, otherwise you’ll have butter.  I mixed mine with a stand mixer with the whisk attachment on medium for 1 minute and high to 2 more minutes.

2. In a separate large bowl, mix together the mango puree and lime juice.  Add 2 dollops of the whipped cream into the mango puree and mix in well. Add the rest of the whipped cream and fold in gently until all the whipped cream is mixed in. Don’t go nuts mixing this otherwise you’ll lose the fluffiness of the whipped cream.

3. Pour the mixture into a pan and give the pan a few taps on the table to let out the air bubbles. Sprinkle with crushed pistachios and cover with plastic wrap. The plastic wrap should touch the top of the ice cream. Freeze for at least 4 hours.

4. After 4 hours are up take the ice cream and put it in a blender. Blend until it’s creamy and pour into you’re final container and cover with plastic wrap, making sure the top of the ice cream is touching the plastic wrap. Blending helps make the ice crystals smaller which leaves you with a smooth and creamy ice cream. Freeze for 2 hours and enjoy!


  • You can use any type of fruit puree to make this into whatever flavor you want! Peach puree will be my next attempt. What flavor would you do?
  • You can add spices to the whipped cream to add a little more flavor to the ice cream. Next time I plan on adding saffron and cardamom to it. 


11 thoughts on “Mango Ice Cream (No Machine)

  1. Bonnie Eng says:

    Oooo….lovely! I love using Indian mango pulp to make Chinese mango jello–it’s such great stuff! I love that you don’t have to use an ice cream maker to make this and the crushed pistachios look perfect on top…this one’s a keeper! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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